Midwestern in Minnesota


I’ve lived in MN my whole life. I’m Unapologetically Midwestern ^_^

The dichotomy of small town life with big city ideas help shape my point of view. I look at the everyday in a positive light. Creating and finding new uses for these everyday things, I often play with perspectives, layers; to create narratives you can relate to.

General Skill Sets: Photography, Acrylics, Basic Electrical, Soldering, Basic Carpentry, Upholstery & Textiles, Furniture Restoration.

Photography Skill Set: Architecture, Macro Photography & Products.

Other Interests: Birding, Music w/out Lyrics, Vintage Clothing & Haberdashery. Problem Solving, Word Searches, Playing the Piano Badly 🙂

“Problems are only Solutions you haven’t found yet.”

“Finding a new perspective can change the meaning and mood.”

“Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet sweaty things.”

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